Human Value Idea Canvas

The Human Value Canvas is a method for mapping out ideas. It can be used by anybody who wishes to structure an idea around Human Values.

Grid of four parts with Who What Why and When labels

The process starts by narrowing down the Human Values into a select few that will be focused on whilst developing the idea. These selected Human Values should be the most important and central to the eventual end user, consumer, audience. We recommend selecting 1-3 values, and no more than 5. This ensures that efforts are tailored and focused on those most important human values.

Using the Canvas

Once Human Values are selected. We invite the following questions to ensure the audience is put central to the ideas:

  • Who is the audience?

We recommend spending time discovering more about the audience. Learning about their stage of life, culture, skills, vocations and context.

  • Why this audience and these Human Values?

Identify the main use cases. What are the audience objectives and how do the human values relate to this particular audience?

  • What is the idea?

Clarity about the idea is key here. What is the idea aiming to achieve?

  • How will you know the idea is successful?

The measure of success. Spending time to learn what worked, what could be improved and takeaways from the experience.

Download the ideas canvas here

image of human values ideas canvas with 5 spaces for values, who why, what and how