Human Values Research

The Human Values framework is built on three phases of psychological research:

A scoping phase:

  • A literature review of psychological values, needs and behaviours
  • An extensive reviewing of existing internal BBC behavioural data and research

Empirical research phase:

  • Qualitative research: in-depth interviews and focus groups with a range of people about behaviours, values and lifestyles
  • Quantitative research: large scale surveys and questionnaires
  • UX Research: Card sorting activities, workshops

Validation phase:

  • Human values validation with university partners
  • Linguistic validation: focus groups and interviews to validate the language of the Human Values
  • UX workshops and card sort activities: to understand how value priorities map to stages of life
  • Quantitative validation: surveys to learn more about value priorities at various life-stages

By sharing everything we’ve learned throughout this Research & Development project, we can help other researchers and practitioners build on the human values findings.