Get to know the 14 Human Values which underpin our research

Human Values Overview

About the human values framework

Human Values Research

A looking into the research conducted behind this framework

Understanding Myself

We are driven to form an identity, which is the collection of beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Receiving Recognition

We value receiving recognition because we are driven to fulfill our need for self-esteem.

Pursuing Pleasure

As humans we are psychologically motivated towards seeking pleasure and avoiding pain; pleasure referring to hedonic feelings of enjoyment, satisfaction, relaxation, comfort and excitement.

Having Stability

Stability is essential because we are motivated to feel certainty, security and predictability in life.

Having Autonomy

We value having autonomy because we have an innate need for independence and agency over our actions.

Growing Myself

We are driven to self-actualise in life, which is about reaching our full potential.

Feeling Impactful

We have a need to feel like we’re making a positive contribution in the world.

Express Myself

Expressing ourselves helps us to validate our identities and categorise ourselves in whichever way we see fit, enabling us to understand how we fit in with the wider world.